Reimagining PRM In B2B Channel Marketing – Part 7 Of 7
December 28, 2021

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PRM Improves B2B Partner Experience

Why Partner Experience?

Partner experience is a holistic view of how a partner interacts with the brand and how they experience that relationship on an ongoing basis. This includes partner engagements, partner satisfaction, and partner loyalty, ensuring that every touchpoint of the partner journey is highly optimized to create the best partner experience. Businesses understand that the more they develop a frictionless partner experience, the partners will produce better results and ROI.

Partners interact and engage with the end customers of the brand. Hence, it is vital to ensure the partners have a frictionless experience with the brand to deliver the same experience to the end customers. A great partner experience makes it easier for partners to do business with the brand (B2B) or with their prospects or customers (B2C). PRM program helps integrate both B2B and B2C partner experience seamlessly.

How PRM Can Offer An Excellent Partner Experience?

Each phase of the partner’s journey can be simplified and enhanced by taking continuous feedback. By making partner journeys frictionless, organizations help partner realize their targets and commitments. Partner experience framework consists of a few components:

  • Easy to operate channel portals
  • Simplified partner programs
  • Personalized communication and support
  • Proactive insights, and recommendations
  • Establishing trust and transparency

Enhanced partner experience is achieved through continuous engagement, measurement, and improvement cycles. This strengthens the partner relationship and loyalty.

PRM programs help improve engagements through gamification, competitions, and leader board activities. Through regular profiling, we can understand partners’ needs, and aspirations. Through innovative interactions using data, analytics, and artificial intelligence PRM program can help improve partner experience, loyalty, and relationships.

PRM programs help partners do business at ease with their daily interactions with brands, products, and services. PRM programs can develop a partner ecosystem by adding value to partners’ social, environmental, and community interactions. This will further enhance partner experience

PRM Lifting B2B Relationship To Next Level

PRM extends organizations’ reach and spread through B2B partner network. Incorporating diverse external partners into the business ecosystem is complex and requires considerable time, effort, and investment. It needs a carefully thought-through strategy and execution.

Done well, B2B channel partner network and PRM program bring substantial competitive advantage to the organization. It helps the organization to:

  • Penetrate extended markets,
  • Serve additional customer segments, and
  • Sefend and gain market share, among many other benefits.

PRM brings together B2B partner relationship with channel marketing and channel sales. This by compliance, control, and visibility to engage and enable channel partners. PRM programs help businesses scale with increased partner engagement and satisfaction at a much lower cost of operations. Finally, a PRM program helps develop and establish a trusted relationship and loyalty with the channel partners, making it valuable, progressive, and sustainable in the long term.



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